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"What interests me, is this idea that
a. someone is transformed by the experience, and that b. that by beauty they feel better about the world when they see something."
— Milton Glaser, Graphic Designer

"Milton fits into my sensibility of artists who are extraordinarily multi disciplinary... My interest is always the result, regardless of the material. And I think the results achieved by Milton's collaboration with Lapchi are superb."
— Carl Solway, President, Carl Solway Gallery

"The designs were profoundly beautiful. It was a privilege to present the work of an iconic graphic designer transformed so eloquently by the vision and skill of Lapchi."
— Elsa Longhauser, Executive Director,
Santa Monica Museum of Art

Full Length Interview | Short Preview
Glaser Designs From Left: Monster in Onyx, Stems in Guava, French Stripe in Ciel
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